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3DTC is an accelerated 

"intensive" designed to prepare young adults for a life of service to Jesus Christ in college, career and beyond


You are now at the starting line of the rest of your life. Applying for study at 3D Training Center is an exciting step in your journey. 3DTC is a college-level, accelerated intensive designed to prepare young adults for a life of service to Jesus Christ in college, career, and beyond. We are confident the choice to invest a year toward your personal growth and spiritual progress will pay out big dividends. 

The thought of participating in your unfolding future is a privilege we do not take lightly. Since 3D Training Center is about making disciple-makers not merely disciples, we take a different approach to education. Our program is designed to be intentional at every turn.

To help you grow into the best version of you, we will treat you as a unique individual. We will walk with you, we will experience life with you, and we will provide some of the best in-depth knowledge, skill, and understanding of disciple-making available. Instead of smothering your passion, our goal is to stoke the flames of your greatest potential.

The in-person modular approach of 3DTC beautifully complements biblical disciple-making. No one learns alone. No one is lost in the crowd. All students learn the same material at the same time, creating a perfect environment for deep discussion and fellowship. The 3DTC method is engineered to take as much of the pain and monotony out of learning as possible. Each completed curriculum furnishes you with a new tool, ready to be used in real life. When you are done, we hope you leave inspired and energized ready to make disciples wherever the Lord leads for the rest of your life.

We are small. Therefore, we can focus on what really matters: You. We focus on the painting, not the frame. Our learning center is not about aesthetics. Our property is intellectual not physical. We will do all we can to cancel the static and get down to the core of the word of God.

This journey is just beginning. Are you ready?
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