How Much Will This Cost?

At 3D Training Center we are committed to keeping our training costs as low as possible. We do not want finances (or the scarcity thereof) to deter any potential student from coming.


The cost for the year 2021-2022 will be:

5,400.00 for the entire year

What Does This Cover?

This will cover food, housing, field-trips, and books.

Payment Schedule

Fall payment:

$1,350.00 due August 15, 2021

   $337.50 due September 10

   $337.50 due October 10

   $337.50 due November 10

   $337.50 due December 10

Spring payment:

$1,350.00 due January 15, 2022

   $337.50 due February 10

   $337.50 due March 10

   $337.50 due April 10

   $337.50 due May 10

How To Pay?

Pay bill by either of the following two methods:

Credit Card:

Use GIVE button (above) or by clicking this link.

In the comment section include student's name

Postal service:

Disciple Makers Multiplied

3D Training Center

PO Box 7758

Beaumont, TX 77726

On the memo line include student's name and "3DTC payment"

What makes it possible for us to offer this low price?

We are able to charge low prices because of several factors: First, because of scholarships provided by generous donors of Disciple Makers Multiplied. Second, because the facilities we use for classes are provided free of charge by Beaumont Bible Church. Third, because our teachers and staff raise their own financial support and are not paid.


If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution to 3D Training Center or the scholarship fund, you can do so either online (GIVE button above) or by mail (address above).