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In 2022, we were blessed by God and acquired this beautiful campus to house and serve years of 3D students to come!

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3DTC Student Life Center

& Boys' Dorm Building (right)

The 3D Campus has much to offer. In addition to the Student Life center and dormitories there is a variety of nice lawn space for outdoor activities. 

Student Life Center

Dining Hall

The dining hall is large enough to accommodate the entire student body at meals times. Everyone has a place to enjoy fellowship and food.

3DTC General Open area.webp

Student Life Center

Main Room

The Student Life Center main room is the hub of recreational activities on campus. It hosts a pool table, shuffleboard, coffee bar, TV area, game area, study area, and lounge area. 

Boys' Dorms 

The boys' dorms are located just outside the 3DTC Student Life Center. This dormitory consists of two main living areas and bathrooms separated by a common lounge. Each room has individual beds, desks, dressers, and closet space.

(Accommodations may vary slightly from photos from room to room)

Girls' Dorms

The girls' dorms are located inside the 3DTC Student Life Center. This dorm wing consists of individual rooms equipped with a private bathroom. Girls' rooms house 3-4 girls per room. Each student gets their own bed, dresser, desk, and portion of closet space.

(Accommodations may vary slightly from photos from room to room)

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