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Guest Professor & Pastor of Beaumont Bible Church

"Let me begin by saying that I am a huge fan of 3DTC. For the past two years I have been privileged to have a front row seat where I have been able to watch, weigh, and evaluate the 3DTC discipling process. I have even been privileged to participate in the training classes at various points.  What I have observed with my own eyes is that the program is truly transformational.  
3DTC provides its students with a unique hothouse environment whereby young men and women, who come together from various backgrounds, are carefully cultivated like tender green shoots. In a short manner of time, they grow and develop like strong, vibrant plants. This is because over a nine-month period, a careful balance has been maintained between intensive study of God's word and personal involvement in multiple ministry opportunities.  This coupling of both truth and praxis combines to develop a high level of spiritual maturity that I have seldom seen among young believers."


Guest Professor and DM2 Board Member

"What an encouraging week it was to spend time with youth who want to know and apply God’s Word in their lives.  It is easy to get discouraged in a world gone "woke"; however, being around a group of young men and women who are energetically pursuing God through being trained to become disciple makers gives me hope for the future. 

Many people are asking, "what can we practically do to influence our nation to return to God?"  One practical thing is to provide an alternative for youth beyond the woke, agnostic educational systems. 3D is a practical way to train our youth with a biblical worldview who will then be able to take leadership roles for the rest of their lives.  Training disciple makers that are young in their faith will develop believers who can be the leaders of the church in the future.  There is no better use of time, talent and treasure I know of than to train our youth here in America so they can be sent to become the salt and light throughout the world, including right here in America.  Having experienced 3D firsthand for 2 years now, 3D is well on its way to fulfilling its vision to be a replicable model that can be used by other churches to create the leaders of tomorrow."

3DTC Alumnus

“The Romans 1-8 course at 3D was something that greatly affected my spiritual life, I did not understand sanctification before but now, I understand how much of a necessity it is in the Christian life.
Understanding sanctification and the gospel now makes the Bible easier to understand. I can pick up almost any passage and understand it a lot easier than I could about a year ago. Being able to understand what I am reading makes it far easier to enjoy reading it and makes it easier to grow in my walk with Christ (2 Peter 3:18) Along with that I have been feeling far closer in my relationship with Christ and understand His love to us.
Overall, this year has been very beneficial and impactful to my life, and I am grateful that God has led me here.”


3DTC Alumnus

“One course that I really enjoyed doing so far this year was our Bible study methods course called Mastering God’s Message. I loved going through this course because while all of the classes we’ve done have had lots of practical application and some hands-on work, MGM was THE most practical and hands-on of them all.
We got to learn how to properly study the Bible using a literal, grammatical, and historical approach in trying to determine the context of everything we read in Scripture, and to take the Bible for what it says.
It was a very helpful class to me because it gave me a deeper appreciation for the importance of correctly studying God’s Word and not taking it out of context. God has helped me to be able to use the methods I learned in this class (and all our other classes as well) in my own personal study, which has helped me grow in my relationship with Christ.
I am very thankful to God for making a way for me to come here this year to learn His Word, and for our incredible teachers and staff for everything they do, and have done, to make this possible.”

3DTC Alumna

“My favorite curriculum in 3DTC would have to be the Knowing God curriculum. It was the first study of the year and was a great way to form a birds-eye-view of the bible. It was so interesting to see how God had His hands on all of human history and how every time He interacted with mankind, it was always for the purpose of pointing us towards Jesus and His coming sacrifice. It was so interesting to see that every task or ritual that was commanded by God was a picture of the future Messiah and our relationship to Him. This curriculum gave me a whole new view of what God was communicating through the bible. I’m learning to trust Him more and believe that He will do what is best for me. Spending hours and hours feeding on truth helps me remember that more. Suddenly the obstacles that seemed so big before aren’t so big when I trust that God is in control.”

3DTC Student

"I want every portion of my life to be filled with God. He gives me strength, He makes me able to understand His word and I am able by Him to know His love, and that He will fill me with His fullness. No human understanding has ever led me well, but God always has. I want to be so full of God that there isn't room for anything else—none of me and none of this world. God has always given me what I need and blessed me with what I don't.

Being enrolled in 3DTC has been so full of God that sometimes I get overwhelmed by His power and love. I have known the gospel and the importance of disciple-making but now I feel better equipped for sharing. Christ lived His perfect life to die for my sins, all the ugly things I think, say, and do, so that I can be with God to live with Him for all eternity in heaven. That gift of salvation is the most important thing in the world, and I hope I can represent Christ in all I do."

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