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How do I pay?

  • Payment for each student can be made by mail or online through the 3DTC website.

    •  If paying by mail, write a check out to Disciple Makers Multiplied. In the memo line of the check write the student’s name and “3DTC payment.” Mail the check to the following address:

      Disciple Makers Multiplied
      3D Training Center
      PO Box 7758

      Beaumont, TX 77726


    • If paying online, go to and click the yellow “give” button at the top of the webpage and leave your student’s name in the comment section. A credit card is required for this payment method.

For the 2022-2023 school year, tuition will be $6,300 for the entire year or $3,150 per semester. Payment can be made all at once or there is a broken-down payment schedule on 3DTC website under the “costs” tab.

Where will I live?

You will be living at our new center for 3DTC. The address is: 2932 Highway 96 Bypass, Silsbee, TX 77656.


Ladies will be in a dorm room with one other individual. Guys will have several roommates.

We will post pictures soon.

How will I get to and from school?

Local transportation will be provided by 3DTC. We provide transportation for our students to and from classes which are held at Beaumont Bible Church.


If the student has their own vehicle and can pay related expenses, they are welcome to bring and use their personal car.

Can I travel home during the year or for the holidays?

Yes. We will have a Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, and a two-week break in June where students are welcome to travel home. This travel expense will not be covered by tuition and the student should arrange travel days to not interrupt or miss class. Other than these scheduled breaks, students are expected to be in town for studies and various ministry outreaches being done throughout the year.

For full schedule visit, click here.

How will I receive money for food and other living expenses?

$350 dollars will be allotted for each student at the beginning of each month to cover food and basic living expenses. These funds are pooled as a dorm under careful supervision by the staff of 3DTC.

Housing, travel for field trips, and books for classes will be paid for through your payments and with subsidies from 3DTC sponsors.

What will classes be like?

Students will study through all of the Old and New Testaments. In many cases a verse-by-verse approach will be used. Also, foundational doctrines and theological truths pertaining to the Christian faith will be learned. Each course will be taught through lectures, daily quizzes, guest speakers, outside readings, and formal exams. Course modules will be completed in one- or two-week intervals. Students will also have the opportunity to learn basic biblical Greek. In addition to these academic pursuits, students will be given occasions to put what they are learning into practice through formal evangelistic outreaches and youth teaching opportunities.

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