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3D is a training center like no other.


Our concentrated approach to Bible scholarship and spiritual development is comparable to drinking from a biblical fire hydrant. In ten short, rigorous months students receive an extensive and global understanding of the Bible. We meet every weekday for classes from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M.! Graduates have commented how this schedule has helped prepare them for the college and/or career transition.

3DTC offers two years of study. Each school year consists of nine months of in-class study, student teaching, and evangelism opportunities, followed by one month of ministry practicum in the month of June. Students may choose to complete one year as a gap year, receiving an associate's degree upon successful completion, or both years, receiving a bachelor's degree upon successful completion. Degrees are unaccredited. 


No leaf in the biblical text is left unturned. Our four-part Panorama series encapsulates the entire Bible. 

The Panorama of the Old Testament curriculum provides a comprehensive study of the Old Testament, while the Eden to Calvary curriculum is an overview of God’s great plan of salvation from Genesis to the Gospels. 

The Panorama of the Life of Christ is a harmony of the four Gospels, supplemented by the Gospel of John curriculum. 

The Panorama of the New Testament meticulously follows Luke’s historical narrative found in the book of Acts. This course covers the first 30 years of the church, with an excursion into each New Testament book wherever it emerges on the scene in the chronology of the historical account. 

We also have a thorough course lineup of the systematic theologies. These courses cover biblical topics such as man, sin, salvation, Christ, the Holy Spirit, God the Father, and the church.

Finally, amidst other verse-by-verse studies included in the program, the books of Daniel and Revelation conclude the panoramic flow of history, revealing God's prophetic declarations of what is soon to take place. 


One result of everyone studying the same material at the same time is that it fosters amazing camaraderie. 

Outside-of-class conversations naturally revolve around the topic at hand. Thoughtful discussions and personal reflections are born out of the school-wide group study. All students take the same classes at the same time! 

Additionally, there are opportunities for group reading and other corporate assignments within the year. All in all, the 3DTC group study approach develops solidarity and fosters deep and lasting friendships. 

Plus, with the addition of our second year of biblical studies being made available, the dynamic of having both first-year and second-year students together in the classroom provides an outlet for mentorship and disciple-making as they can pray for, encourage, and invest in one another. 


We teach one curriculum at a time, each with a clear start and finish date. This provides students with a great sense of achievement and keeps momentum high because the finish line is always within reach. Since the students’ time and mental energy is not divided between a variety of subjects, they can focus all their effort on the topic at hand and learn it well.


Because our goal is to create teachers, not merely learners, we provide students with all the materials and knowledge they need to teach others what they have learned. 

In addition to studying the subject material and learning the skills needed to teach others, each graduate is welcome to obtain copies of each curriculum's teacher and student manuals, along with all the PowerPoints. 

In this way, every course provides them with another tool for their ministry toolbox. 2 Timothy 2:2

The truth is, each student will have a circle of influence 3DTC will never match. If, as a school, we equip others to be successful disciple-makers, the Word of God will be shared and invested in many different lives. This is our heart's desire as a ministry - that each student will be a blessing to the church for decades to come, faithfully serving Christ wherever He may lead them.


Students have many opportunities to put their knowledge into practice, so that by the time they finish the program they are fully prepared to make a difference in their world. We provide opportunities for students to teach others the material they learn. Students are also involved in real-life evangelism. By watching an experienced mentor, students slowly gain the skill and courage to wade into the water themselves. All along the way, the mentor is right there with them, guiding and giving input. In this way the students learn to naturally, gently, and expertly lead others to Christ.


3D Training Center is committed to maintaining as low a cost for the student as is possible. Because of the intensity of the coursework, students will not be able to work a secular job. ​ Therefore, we strive to make this program as affordable as we can. Through the generosity of Beaumont Bible Church in Beaumont, Texas, we have the free use of their facility for classrooms during the week. All the teachers are generously offering their services for free as well. The student manuals for each course will be provided by DM2 at no cost to the students. Beyond this, student expenses will include food and toiletries, lodging, books (for assigned reading), travel and any miscellaneous costs.


Finally, our goal is a changed life. While we do give students tools, our greatest goal is to give them a deeper walk with their Savior. We are not about numbers; we are about the student becoming God's person, ready for the challenges that life and ministry will present. We believe that the closer they walk with Jesus, the more they will shine for Him. Jesus’ challenge to the disciples was for them to first follow Him and then He would teach them to reach the world.

“And Jesus said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men.” - Mark 1:17​
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