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Youth Workshop

“What I love most about DM2 conferences is the fellowship that comes along with in-depth curriculum. It’s a great opportunity to form long-lasting relationships while studying God’s word. I enjoyed that there were so many teachers with so many different levels of experience."



"I’m so grateful for the opportunity the Lord created for both the Romans webinar and the Gospel of John webinar. What an immense blessing it has been to study the person - Jesus Christ - who saves us. Not only did God do all that was needed to save us, He did so perfectly and permanently. I have been encouraged by the faithfulness and willingness of so many believers around the world, many of whom I have never met, to spend their time teaching and faithfully attending these webinars. Praise be to our God and Father!"

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Youth Workshop

“Teaching at the DM2 youth conference was encouraging during these uncertain times in our country. I’m always pleasantly surprised by how much I learn from the children and young adults! God is blessing this new generation with the will and ability to learn His word. Everyone should attend a youth conference!” 

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